Environmental, Social, Governance

ESG is often framed as a target to be hit or a box to be ticked. At August, we take a deeper view of the relationship between our business and our responsibilities to care for the environment, make a social impact, and act as a good corporate citizen.


Six areas of ESG influence

In practical terms, there are six core areas where we apply ESG thinking in detail. Our success in these areas ensures our ambitions are matched with measurable action and positive outcomes for all stakeholders, including investors, partners and leadership teams at our portfolio companies.


Pre-deal screening

Potential investments are assessed against a robust set of values-based criteria. We will decline to invest if an opportunity falls within our exclusion criteria.


Deal Execution

We engage with a specialist partner to carry out detailed pre-acquisition due diligence from an ESG perspective, analysing 41 areas of potential risk.


100 day plan

New portfolio companies are equipped with a post-acquisition ESG plan of action, outlining key areas of focus for the first 100 days post-acquisition.


Performance improvement

Every year portfolio companies are scored against an extensive set of ESG criteria and given new 12-month improvement targets, with progress tracked via our online ESG performance portal.


Monitoring and measurement

Drawing on globally recognised models of best practice, we have developed a matrix of 140 key performance indicators to measure ongoing ESG performance.


Exit ready

For any potential acquirers, we can provide a record of ESG performance and improvement over time alongside detailed ESG impact reports.

We track and measure how our companies are performing in each area of ESG


Our ESG journey

We are committed to achieving real and tangible results for our investors and our portfolio of companies. We believe in our responsibility to be a positive catalyst for creating a cleaner, healthier, and happier tomorrow but without jeopardising economic growth.

Aligned to global goals

We know that aligning businesses within our portfolio to as many relevant SDGs as possible will take time, a journey we will support. For now, we at August Equity have chosen to align to the following SDGs, which we feel represent our goals best.

United Nations SDGs

Want to know more about ESG at August?

Discover more about our approach to ESG by downloading our detailed report, and if you have any questions please get in touch.