August Equity Statement on Ukraine



In light of the ongoing tragedy we are witnessing in Ukraine August Equity wanted to share a note to express unequivocal support for Ukraine as a nation and its people. What we are witnessing is truly appalling.

As a result of our desire to want to support those affected, August Equity is making a donation to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC). For anyone not familiar, the DEC brings together 15 leading UK aid charities, all of which are experts in providing humanitarian aid quickly and effectively.

In addition to our donation, we plan to create a clear initiative across our portfolio companies to help and take action. We have already seen a tremendous engagement from the portfolio, with discussions focused on how we might be able to support Ukrainian immigrants to the UK, whether in terms of open vacancies across the portfolio, retraining for new roles, supporting with visa applications and employees donating and providing their time at charities relating to helping Ukrainian refugees. Our portfolio has access to offices and partners in other jurisdictions where Ukrainians may seek protection including Poland, Ireland and Bulgaria where we will be replicating these initiatives.

We are sure you will all agree that we hope for rapid progress in finding a diplomatic resolution to what is happening, however this will not remove the – already catastrophic – damage caused, and therefore why we have taken the steps outlined above.

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