AMTIVO strengthens international presence with the acquisition of ACM-CCAS



AMTIVO has announced the acquisition of EMB Group's ACM-CCAS and Ascentor brands, in a deal that will add further to the group's international presence and increase the range of services it can offer to its growing client base.

The acquisition of ACM-CCAS gives Amtivo a scaled international UKAS certification platform with a substantial operation in China and established businesses in 18 other markets across Asia, the Middle East and Europe. It will also strengthen Amtivo’s UK certification offering, notably with the addition of security industry certifications.

With Ascentor joining the group, Amtivo also gains a “military grade” cyber security consulting practice with Intellectual Property that can be used to build upon its range of products for small and medium sized companies.

Amtivo CEO, Mike Tims, announced “I am delighted that we have been able to reach an agreement that will add these well-regarded businesses to our existing portfolio. Through these latest acquisitions we have gained access to an additional 15 markets across Asia, the Middle East and Europe, doubled our client base, increased our range of certification services and added significantly to the expertise and experience of our team.”

EMB CEO, Stephen Smith said “I am delighted that we have found such a complementary strategic fit in Amtivo for ACM-CCAS and Ascentor. ACM-CCAS’s large overseas footprint adds real international scale to Amtivo’s existing technology enabled Certification Bureaus and Ascentor gives it access to the fast-growing cyber security market. With its ability to invest, I am sure these businesses will grow rapidly under Amtivo’s ownership”.

This announcement represents the fourth acquisition for Amtivo Group in 2021.

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